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Be a history detective!

Digventures is a social enterprise that organises exciting crowdfunded and crowdsourced archaeology projects that anyone can join and support. They offer archeology courses, archeology experiences, and archeology consultancy. Their digs are all led by experts, on unexplored sites worthy of public attention. They are running a programme of local events over the summer. Made in Smethwick celebrates and explores our rich industrial heritage.

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History cold cases

Explore the fates of eight historical characters who all played a vital role in the Industrial Revolution.
Characters include a Lighthouse Keeper, Soldier, and Engineer at the famous Soho Foundry, and each one has suffered a gruesome illness or injury.
Can you find out what happened? And prevent it from happening again?
Take on the role of a forensic archaeologist as you try to find out!
Using a series of clues, including replica bones and personal artefacts you’ll have to use your detective skills to find out who the character was, how they were injured, and what you can do to treat them – and prevent the same disaster from happening again.


What better way to learn about history than with a sweet treat?

The Chance Brothers Glassworks in Smethwick helped to produce some of Britain’s most iconic landmarks in the Industrial Revolution.
When they weren’t hard at work, the children of Smethwick loved a game of hopscotch. In fact, the glassblowers created their own beautiful glass hopscotch counters, imprinted with unique designs to gift to younger relatives and children who lived near the site.
Join Digventure at Bearwood's Big Bash and design your own edible hopscotch counter using our pre-baked cookies. Unleash your creativity as you learn about your local heritage, and see if you can claim the title of Bearwood Hopscotch Champion!


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